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Recital Hair and Makeup

HAIR-This year all dancers will have their hair as pictured below.

-Part your child's hair on the side above THEIR LEFT EYE.

-Please use water to wet the child's hair, and product to make it stay put.

-Hair should be secured into a low ponytail.

Some tips:

Make sure you wet the hair to slick it back. 

Use lots of hairspray or other product to be sure it is not going to have any fly aways. 

Use bobby pins to secure sides or any shorter pieces.

You may even want to use more than one elastic band to be sure it is going to stay in tightly. (Thicker hairbands are suggested.)

MAKEUP-Pictured here are the eyes

-Smokey eyes (Colors used are Light Silver and Dark Silver-should not look all black.)

-Black eyeliner on the BOTTOM only

-Black mascara

-Berry Blush

-Plum/Berry colored lipstick

**Please join our REMIND App to receive messages and updates about weather cancellations and other important information! Simply do the following:

Enter this number where you would normally put a phone number:

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Guidelines For Safely Returning to the Studio 

In order to keep everyone safe as we return to the studio, please read the following carefully and adhere to all directions. We have made adjustments to allow time for sanitizing, and to keep small numbers of people in the studio at one time. Students should bring their own water bottles, as the water fountain is off limits. All classes will be dimissed 5 minutes early to allow for proper sanitizing. Please do not show up before your class time, as you will have to wait in the parking lot until your teacher calls you in to go directly to the classroom with all of your belongings. Parents should plan to drop off so that we can eliminate crowds in the foyer. Students will be given hand sanitizer upon entering the building. If you have a preschooler who needs you in the building with them, that is fine, as long as you wear a mask when entering the building. Please be prepared to pick your dancer up 5 minutes prior to the end of their class time. Dancers should not wear a mask. Thank you for your help and support during this unprecedented time! 

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