Extreme Dance Center


"My daughter has been at Extreme Dance Center for two years now and absolutely loves it! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and have taught my daughter how to become a better dancer while also teaching her correct form and safety. Coming from another dance school I had the chance to compare my daughter's dancing skills and different instructors and there is no doubt EDC is a step above the rest!! With no hesitations I highly recommend EDC!!!" -Candace

"The instructors at Extreme Dance Center are so talented and dedicated to their students. Our daughter has developed a love for dance and sense of how hard work and dedication can provide a real sense of accomplishment."  -Amy

"The recital was awesome! Honestly the best "school aged" dance recital I've been to. I was so impressed by every single dancer's consistent skills. The appropriateness of the dance combos, music, and costumes-and the organization/flow between numbers was so impressive. Congratulations to all of the instructors!"  -Mallory

Extreme Dance Center is more than just a dance studio, this beautiful studio is my family’s second home. The connection my beautiful dancer has made with her teachers and fellow students has been inspiring! I have watched my daughter grow into a confident, hard-working, and respectful young lady. She lights up when she is on stage! She is also there offering encouragement to her fellow dancers and is her younger cousin's biggest cheerleader! I believe the dance teachers have helped nurture these positive attributes by setting a strong example for my daughter. The teachers at EDC work with my daughter’s strengths and help her work through her weaknesses with encouragement and commitment! I have and will continue to recommend this fabulous studio to friends and family!"  -Nichole

"We have been part of the Extreme Dance Center for over 8 years. Our family has made lifelong friends while my daughter has learned to dance at EDC. It is a great place to get your child exposed to the art of dance and learn all the disciplines that dance has to offer. The teachers are extremely friendly and knowledgeable and my daughter really enjoys learning from them. I would recommend Extreme Dance Center to anyone looking to get their child into the art of dance."  -Yvonne 


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